QED Sameday Courier Ltd

Hand to Hand Service Delivery Courier - Offering a range of Services

What do you actually do? 

QED Sameday Courier Ltd is a Delivery & Collection Courier with a range of service levels from Fast Response Sameday Courier to Three Day Bespoke Deliveries. Secure and reliable transit are always one of the key requirements.
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How long have you been in existence?

QED began life in May 1990 and has been serving businesses in the Oxford/South Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and London throughout that time. We have been evolving over the last 28 years, offering businesses a range of "Hand to Hand" Services.


What size of shipment can you accommodate?

Our largest vehicle size are Mercedes VITO vans and we operate the full range down to CITAN vans - so we can actually take from a small parcel or envelope – all the way up to three pallets at a time with a maximum weight of approximately 1100 kgs total. The longest length we can carry is 2.7 metres or 3.0 metres if a tube or similar.


Do you offer an international service?

The short answer is no - we keep all our work within our resources ensuring the quality of our service. We can deliver anywhere on mainland GB.


Do I need an account to book?

Again, the short answer to that is no. We take credit cards consequently not having an account need not be a problem. Opening an account is quick and easy should you have ongoing requirements.


I can't afford to lose business - how reliable is your service?

Neither can we. The service is very reliable - but we would say that wouldn't we? Like everything the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We operate modern vans - we employ reliable, experienced drivers - we have Satellite Tracking , Satellite Navigation, Webfleet Job Dispatch and hands free communication in all our vehicles. In addition our drivers have sign on screen signature capture devices meaning that you can view proof of deliveries as soon as they are completed. We have been operating this service since 1990 - the pudding sounds good - why not try it? 


Our vehicles are satellite tracked - What is satellite tracking?

It enables us to pinpoint our vehicles' whereabouts in real time. In a nutshell we have a digital map in the traffic office which continually updates the location of our vehicles. This allows us to ensure that deadlines are being met and that service quality is kept to the highest possible standard.


We use Webfleet Job Dispatch - What is it ?

Rather than the driver plugging in a postcode into his Sat Nav the traffic office sends a location through to the drivers' Sat Navs which the driver accepts. This then navigates the driver to the desired location. It does not rely on Postcodes but pinpoints the location using map co-ordinates. Difficult locations can be precisely pinpointed for the driver improving efficiencies for everyone. These locations are then stored to be used in the future.


We use sign on screen signature capture technology  - What is it ?

This enables proof of deliveries to be instantly available to the customer the second the delivery has been made, putting your mind at rest that the delivery has been completed.


What about goods in transit insurance?

In the extremely unlikely event of a need to claim on our insurance we have generous GIT of £15.00 per kilo of ship weight or part thereof included in the freight charge. If you wanted to extend that you can to a maximum of £10,000.00 per shipment subject to our terms and conditions. 


What do I do now?

Give us a call on 0330 124 6854 to discuss your requirements or send us an email - sales@qedsameday.com