QED Sameday Link Service Conditions

In order to receive the discounted price for our Sameday Link service the following conditions will have to be adhered to:

  1. Shipment must be under 20kgs maximum.
  2. Shipment must be no more than a maximum of four individual items.
  3. Total shipment cannot have a greater volume than 0.1m3.
  4. No dimension of any item can exceed 1mt.
  5. The shipment must be booked no later than 10:00hrs and must be ready for collection by 1030hrs latest on the required day of shipping.
  6. QED have till 1700hrs to deliver the same day.
  7. Both sending and receiving postcodes must be on our list of qualifying postcodes which are viewable on our website at www.qedsameday.com
  8. All our full terms and conditions – viewable at qedsameday.com/terms-conditions/term_and_conditions.pdf also apply to our Sameday Link services.